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Sources Of Growth In Turbulent Times

In periods of economic and social turbulence, it can be tempting to wait for the latest wave of change to hit the shores of your business before deciding where to focus. But the frequency and ferocity of these waves continue … Continue reading

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The Secret Of The Chilean Mining Rescue Success

There are many lessons we can take from the heroic recovery of all 33 Chilean miners last week. But one stuck with me more than any other: the clarity of the goal. The simple and uncompromising aim of recovering all … Continue reading

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Groaking Is Not A Strategy For Growth

When I was growing up my older brothers and I used to finish our meals as quickly as possible in the hope of getting some of the food from my younger brother’s plate. Once we had eaten our dinner we … Continue reading

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Don’t Look At Your Strategy From Where You Are Now

When I was a child I used to do puzzles that gave me five possible ways of getting from A to B, only one of which was possible. Over time – probably several years! – I realised that the easiest way … Continue reading

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Turning The Dishwasher On

I have a problem. Most evenings it is my job to load and sort out the dishwasher. I don’t mind doing this: unlike my wife I don’t really enjoy cooking, and so she generally makes the meal and I tidy … Continue reading

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The SWOT Alternative

In a recent post, I set out the reasons why SWOT analyses can, in the words of one colleague, be described as a “Stupid Waste Of Time!” So, what do you do instead? Analysis of your organisation and its performance … Continue reading

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Perfect Pitch

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Oh No, Not Another SWOT!

A friend of mine once told me that SWOT stood for ‘Stupid Waste Of Time’. He has a point, and yet “Let’s do a SWOT” is a common response to the suggestion of understanding a company’s strategic position. Just in … Continue reading

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Opinions Are Fine, But…

Opinions are important in strategy development. They are the basis of the creativity that leads to the breakthroughs and innovations that drive businesses forward. But without a certain level of rigour to back up these opinions they may simply lead … Continue reading

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