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10 Ways To Get More From Your Strategy Retreat

We’ve all been there. The annual strategy away day is a fixture for many management teams. And yet, all too often, they are sessions where there is more heat generated than light, and where real breakthroughs are thin on the … Continue reading

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Making Change Matter

Next week the UK will have a national referendum on an issue on which very few people care. Whether the country keeps the ‘first past the post’ system for its general election, or moves to an ‘alternative vote’ system is … Continue reading

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Where Is Your Company Going On Holiday This Summer?

For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to book our family’s summer holiday. My problem isn’t that I have failed to list out our key criteria – I know we want to stay in a villa with a pool … Continue reading

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Nothing Fails Like Success (1) – Flip Video

The first in an ongoing series of examples that show how focusing excessively on current successes can create longer-term growth issues: Cisco, which bought Flip a few years ago for $800 million, is mothballing the brand. Flip sells small, easy-to-use … Continue reading

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8 Signs That Your Organisation Suffers From Functional Silos

Cross-functional projects are regularly delayed and fail to hit their milestones; Support functions are duplicated across the organization; You regularly have to deal with turf battles between your executive colleagues; Relatively simple operating decisions are regularly on the executive agenda … Continue reading

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10 Sources Of New Growth Ideas

New applications for existing technologies. Sir James Dyson’s bag-less vacuum cleaner technology was inspired by the way a local sawmill used a giant cyclone to lift and remove sawdust from the air. Combine disparate technologies. Apple’s iPod and iTunes, brought … Continue reading

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Growth In Turbulent Times

The first session of our 2011 Teleseminar series, Accelerating Growth, is next Friday, 15 April at midday (UK time). The title is Growth In Turbulent Times and in it you will learn how to avoid unnecessary defensiveness, spot and pursue … Continue reading

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Is Apple The New NHS?

At its best, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) helps millions of people gain access to levels of free healthcare that would be out of reach to many. At its worst, however, the NHS can be a faceless bureaucracy that – under … Continue reading

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