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7 Reasons Why Your Strategy Is Slow, Incremental And Useless

There is a failure at the heart of most businesses: they simply don’t have a strategy that works. Despite all the effort and talent that goes into a strategy process, most management teams, after months of analysis and discussion, somehow … Continue reading

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New Testimonial: Andrew Trofimowicz, DFS

I have been working with Andrew Trofimowicz, an executive director at the UK’s biggest sofa company, DFS, over the past few months. Here’s what Andrew said about the experience: “Stuart’s unique combination of understanding how large organisation’s work, his ability … Continue reading

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What Is Your Question?

One of the interesting aspects of the recent independence vote in Scotland was the question that was asked on the voting form: Should Scotland be an independent country? That question enabled supporters of independence to be the “Yes” campaigners, while … Continue reading

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