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Business Rocks – The Heart Of Leadership

This week’s focus: The business world is moving so rapidly that leaders must be ready to make rapid decisions, often on partial information, to change and even destroy successful initiatives and business models in order to be even more successful … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Be More Productive And Less Busy

Whenever I meet a business person, the most likely opening question I get asked is, “Are you busy?” This is unsurprising as it’s the first question executives tend to ask each other whenever they meet. The expected answer is, of … Continue reading

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The Two Key Enablers Of Speed And Agility

In my book, First & Fast, I set out six-speed drivers, as set out in the chart above. As I reflect on these drivers, however, I’ve realised that two are more important than the others. In fact, if these two … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – Olympian Belief

This week’s focus: The Rio Olympic Games will be officially launched this evening. The Games are taking place at perhaps one of the lowest ebbs in the history of the Olympic movement. The continuing drug scandals affecting athletics and other … Continue reading

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