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How DFS Step-Changed Its Level Of Customer Focus

  Fast, agile companies are relentless in using customer feedback to drive improvements and to make the necessary changes to accelerate growth and performance. In my latest book, First & Fast, I met with Andrew Stephenson, who created a market-leading … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – How To Build Strategic Commitment

This week’s riff: How do you build wider commitment to a new growth strategy? After all, it’s highly likely that some people are going to be negative about whatever you come up with and will be resistant to the changes … Continue reading

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How Richard Baker Put “The Chemists” Back Into Boots

    As part of my research for my latest book, First & Fast, I interviewed Richard Baker, the Chairman of Whitbread plc. I had worked with Richard when he was the CEO of Boots. During our conversation Richard emphasized … Continue reading

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Fixed On The Vision, Flexible On The Journey

I’ve always thought that the term ‘strategic planning’ was an oxymoron. As a ritual, three-year plans are about as effective to twenty-first century business success as wassailing has been to English apple production. Each may make the people involved feel … Continue reading

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