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Business Rocks – Your Way

This week’s riff: As a leader of your business, there are some tasks that you cannot outsource. Establishing the values of your organization, developing the strategic direction and goals of your business, engaging and aligning your people with the strategy … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – The Power of Added Extras

This week’s riff: I was talking to my son, Dylan, about his favourite pizza restaurants. Without hesitation, he told me his very favourite was Pizza Hut. Why? Well, they have an ice-cream station where you can serve yourself as much … Continue reading

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Cross Shots: The 2 Best Words to Start Any Strategy Discussion

In this latest episode of Cross Shots, Stuart Cross talks us through the 2 best words to start any successful strategy discussion… You can view previous episodes of Cross Shots here © Stuart Cross 2017. All rights reserved.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Plans

Dylan, my oldest son, has been noodling with the guitar for a couple of years now. He can now play a few songs and a couple of licks. When I ask him if he wants to improve, he tells me … Continue reading

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Business Rocks: Brexit Blockage

This week’s riff: I’m not making a political point when I say that the UK’s approach to the Brexit negotiations looks pretty shambolic. Over a year on from the referendum vote to leave the EU and it’s still not clear … Continue reading

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The Innovation Imperative

There was a time, not that long ago when companies didn’t necessarily have an innovation-related objective on their strategic agenda. Instead, they would, for example, be focused on reducing costs, expanding geographically or creating operational excellence. It wasn’t that product … Continue reading

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How To Develop A Business Strategy In 48 Hours

The creation and delivery of a business strategy is a Sisyphean act; it is never-ending. It is developed in formal meetings and corridor conversations and is delivered through major change projects as well as the daily conversations between your customers … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – The Most Difficult Strategy Decision

This week’s riff: One of the most liberating, yet most difficult, strategic decisions you will make is to choose your competitive strategy. How you will develop and exploit specific competitive advantages in your market? The way I put this decision … Continue reading

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