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5 Steps To Delivering Rapid Growth

When it comes to accelerating your business’s growth, pace is not about being reckless or taking unnecessary risks. There is a clear difference between pace and haste. If you try to reach top speed immediately, without going through the gears, … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – My First Hero

This week’s riff. Glen Campbell, the great guitarist and singer, died earlier this week after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Along with Rod Stewart and George Harrison, Glen was one of the first pop stars I can remember. I can … Continue reading

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You Can’t Chase Two Hares

There is a Japanese saying that translates as ‘you can’t chase two hares’. If a top-class hunting dog chases after a hare it has a 10% chance of catching it. But if the dog hedges its bets and tries to chase … Continue reading

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