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The 12 Characteristics of Strategic CEOs

No one in an organization has as much leverage as the CEO. From the moment you walk into the building on your first day (and probably before), everyone is scrutinizing your actions and behaviours. They are looking for patterns and … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – Instant Culture

This week’s riff: How long does it take to change an organisation’s culture? I know, for instance, that some businesses invest significant sums in long-term, multi-year cultural change programmes Yet, in my experience, organisational cultures can be changed rapidly – almost … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – My Business Mix-Tape

This week’s riff: When I was a teenager growing up in Morecambe my favourite way to impress girls was to give them my very own mix-tape. You may find this hard to believe, but despite all the hard work that … Continue reading

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Turning Your High-Level Strategy Into Ground-Level Success

A common business saying is that strategy doesn’t fail in development but in implementation. I disagree. Most businesses can develop a reasonable strategic ambition and are fairly good at implementing projects. In many cases strategy simply falls through the gap … Continue reading

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12 Ways To Eradicate Functional Silos

  Functional silos are the silent killer of business growth. They exist where the leaders of a particular function act in the best interests of that function, not the wider organisation. Most of the time, these leaders achieve their aims … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – Truth Hunts

  This week’s riff: Last week, a client complained to me that her recent investigations into some operational issues had led her Finance Director to warn her against carrying out “witch hunts”. He was worried that people would feel victimized … Continue reading

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The Strategy Magnet

At my first ever business school lecture on strategy, the professor described strategy as like a magnet being waved above a pile of iron filings. Before the magnet is waved, the filings will be pointing in all directions. But, after … Continue reading

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Open To Ideas

We moved into our new house five months ago. The day after we moved in, when there were still boxes on the driveway, I heard a knock at the door. A man, who introduced himself as Shane, told me that … Continue reading

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