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Business Rocks – Death of a Star

This week’s focus: Over 50 years later than doctors had predicted, Professor Stephen Hawking sadly passed away this week. In a life that was so fully and brilliantly lived, Hawking overcame the paralysis and physical deterioration of Motor Neurone Disease to … Continue reading

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Cross Shots – The Best Time To Review Your Project Performance

In this episode of Cross Shots I discuss why you’re probably reviewing the performance of your project wrong and when you should be doing it instead     You can view previous episodes of Cross Shots here © Stuart Cross … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – The Most Important Word In Business Success

This week’s focus: We are, as a species, designed to be sociable and to operate effectively within groups. There is both a psychological and societal upside to pleasing others, helping them and being generous with our time. Yet, if you are … Continue reading

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Business Rocks – What’s The Breaking Point Of Your Business?

This week’s focus: Around four inches. That seems to be the amount of snow that’s necessary to ‘break’ the UK’s road and rail infrastructure. This week’s cold blast has brought snow, freezing temperatures and a ‘refreshing’ easterly wind to the country … Continue reading

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Do Less, Achieve More: How To Reach Your Goals At The Speed Of Light

It takes a photon of light a little over 8 minutes to reach the earth after it leaves the sun’s surface. In the vacuum of space, the photon literally travels at the speed of light over the 150 million km … Continue reading

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