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The Resistance To Change Formula

  Twenty years ago, an expert in organisational development and organisational change introduced me to the ‘resistance to change’ formula. I’ve used it ever since to better manage any business projects – which means all business projects!! – involving a change … Continue reading

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There Is No Breakthrough Without Follow-Through

  I’m not sure if I made that up or heard it elsewhere, but, whatever the source, it’s true – the hardest part of delivering a breakthrough strategy is the follow-through. Like someone who wants to get fit but is … Continue reading

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Business Rocks: Words Fail Me

When my youngest son was about five years old, he made up the word “figgert“. To figgert is a verb that means arguing because you’re being so polite and nice. For example, if my wife and I our talking about … Continue reading

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Business Rocks: No High In Team

This week’s focus: I was talking to a manager at a client this week about her workload. Like most people, she isn’t short of things to do, but I was surprised to learn that she is actively involved in 10 … Continue reading

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